Why You Need a Patent Attorney

The USPTO or US Patent and Trademark Office may not require you to hire a patent attorney when applying for a patent. In fact they simply encourage you to have a patent attorney to assist you. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need one. While it is true that you can secure a patent for your invention even without hiring a patent attorney, it does not guarantee that you get the full protection for your invention. There are several types of patent that you can avail for your invention. Choosing the best patent requires years of experience and expertise that a patent attorney Los Angeles usually have.

While you know everything about your invention, preparing the draft for your application is a different matter. It may include research and other technical descriptions only patent attorneys are knowledgeable. The common mistake of some inventors is that they underestimate the necessity of a patent lawyer assisting them and they often end up getting less protection for their invention and they often find themselves at the mercy of bigger companies who diligently prepared their patent applications and seriously made their research.

Hiring a patent lawyer may not come cheap, it is quite expensive to hire a patent lawyer and this is an accepted fact. But if you really think that your invention is the next big thing in your industry, then your investment in hiring a patent lawyer will be worthwhile. While you can save a few hundreds or thousands of dollars if you do it yourself but there is a great possibility that you’ll spend more money in court ligation in the future and only to find out that your patent is insufficient to protect your invention.

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