Should You Get a Patent Attorney?

If you are an inventor and you want to make money from your invention, then you should think about getting a patent. While you can certainly get a patent on your own, you should also consider getting an attorney. Patent attorneys in Los Angeles can help you with your patent. They can save you time so you can fully concentrate on working on your invention. Patent attorneys in Los Angeles can help you get the patent you need and protect you.


Of course, you can always get a patent agent. A patent agent can file and maintain a patent for you, and many have the same or more experience than some patent attorneys. You may even be able to save some money by hiring an agent rather than an attorney. However, a patent attorney can do so much more. For one thing, patent agent aren’t allowed to give you legal advice, since they have not passed the bar. Also, if there is any dispute with your patent, let’s say another person were to file a similar patent, then your patent lawyer can fight for your right in court.

There are many ways you can make money from your patent. Directly manufacturing it and selling it is just one way. But, more often than not, people who own a lot of patents make money from just selling or licensing patents. In many ways, this is better, if you really just want to make money. A patent attorney can help you set up licensing agreements to make sure you get a fair price.


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